Reasons to Buy an E-Reader and Some Facts You Should Know

Looking to buy an e-reader, but can't decide whether or not it's for you? Find out some solid information to help you make your decision.

If you’re a book lover you can understand the difference between reading text on a computer versus reading text in print. You can understand the way that the words slide into your brain and either remain seated, or proceed to slither away into some unknown abyss. As an avid reader, you know what the term, “eye strain”, really means, as you devour word after word, sentence after sentence. At the end of the day, do you really want to be hooked to another electronic device in order to do the thing you love most – reading? Are e-readers really just mini computers, waiting to make your eyes burn as you find your brain unable to absorb the true richness of written words as you would with printed text? Proceed, and you shall find some answers.

1. One of the most misunderstood ideas about e-readers is that an e-reader is just another computer screen that is waiting to jump out and eat your poor eyeballs. The truth is that e-readers actually have a special screen that ensures less eye strain than a traditional computer screen would cause. Many readers have decided that there is very little difference in reading printed text versus reading a book on an e-reader.

2. E-books (books that are available in a downloadable format online) can actually cost less money than traditional printed books. If you are someone who buys books by the dozen, shopping online for e-books just might be the thing for you. Remember, though, that e-readers are certainly not cheap (over a hundred dollars lowest), so if you don’t read a lot, then perhaps an e-reader isn’t for you.

3. The battery life on most e-readers is exceptional, so you don’t have to be concerned with running out of juice before you finish reading a book. It’s a nice feature.

4. Some e-readers come with touch screens (more expensive), while others just come with regular buttons to press in order to access the functions. Decide on what you really want/need before leaping into a purchase – do you really need to spend the money on a touch screen, or are you happy enough with just clicking buttons?

5. E-readers generally come with a zoom in feature, which is fantastic for people with poor eyesight, who are generally tired, etc. Text can be made very large or very small. It’s all about preference!

6. If you are someone who likes to read in the tub, be wary of taking an e-reader near water. As convincing as it may be that the e-reader is an actual book, it is actually a piece of electronic equipment. As with any superhero electronics, the e-reader has an aversion to water.

7. Many e-readers will allow the user to download .PDF files, which can be fantastic when the user is one the run with work files or a project.


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